We Source all of our green coffee from West Coast Coffee Traders, a family run business from Vancouver BC. They travel the world to find the top farmers, best practices and tastiest coffees

This ingenious machine allows us to take quality espresso off-grid. Handmade in the USA by Andre Vornbrock, the simple, user friendly design allows us to generate and control our own pressure for a unique and rich cup of espresso. Andre's design and journey can be found online.

Our summer 2018 offerings:

Peru Norte

This organic, fair trade, and bird-friendly coffee comes from the Amazon, Cajamarca, and San Martin regions of Peru. Farmers there employ a number of different strategies to enhance crop productivity and quality, such as composting, shading, and community training.

Ethiopia Sidamo

This high elevation heirloom coffee comes from various producers in the Sidama region of Ethiopia. Coffee growers throughout the region bring their harvest to central washing stations where it is washed and fermented for 72 hours, before drying in the sun for a further 2 weeks.

Notes of chocolate, molasses, apple, and citric acidity.

Fruit forward notes of sweet lemons, peach, and gentle black tea acidity.

Look for Perunorte on espresso and french press this summer.

Look for Ethiopia Sidamo on coldbrew and pour over this summer.